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Rashaun Page


You didn’t come across this company by mistake. The same way that I did not start this company by mistake. My personal goal is to help one million people get a fresh start through financial literacy. This may include credit  repair. Debt counseling  Home ownership counseling. Saving strategies. Investing strategies, and so much more.

I have been a licensed financial professional for over two decades. I have committed my life to changing individuals and families financial circumstances for the better from my first day in this business, which was  March 3, 1999. I have authored 12 books on the subject of finances. I have been fortunate enough to open offices across 13 States. Most importantly, I have changed tens of thousands of people lives.



The jumpstart kit is comprised of four key areas of your financial health. Credit repair, credit score building, home ownership and financial planning. The jumpstart kit offers all four of these key wealth builders to you and your family at one place for one price. 



STEP ONE - Order your jumpstart kit on the next page.

STEP TWO -  You will receive your jumpstart kit by postal mail within 7-10 days

STEP THREE - Your jumpstart kit will include forms that will allow you to list all of the accounts on your credit report that you would like to be removed. It will also include a form that will allow us to work with the creditors on your behalf..

STEP FOUR - You will mail those forms back to us in the self-addressed envelope that is included in your kit.

STEP FIVE - Once we receive those forms we will begin the credit repair process on your behalf.

STEP SIX - Once we are satisfied with the negative items being removed and your credit score has began to increase; we will send you the applications to get your new secured credit card. Your new secured credit card will help with the process of increasing your credit score even more.

STEP SEVEN - Assuming that we get your credit score above the 680 that we expect it will be within the first 120 days; we will get you prequalified for a mortgage in your state of choice. 

STEP EIGHT - We will schedule your 45 minute financial planning consultation with one of our licensed financial service representatives. They will walk you through the process of putting your documents in order to get you approved for A mortgage. They will also help you put together a long term saving and investment strategy. 

STEP NINE - You will receive a copy of our founders books; Spank Your Credit and a copy of our founders book; The quick start guide to the stock market. These books should be used as a guide to keep you on the right track financially, while teaching you how to make money in the stock market. Allowing you to create an additional stream of income.

STEP TEN - ORDER YOUR JUMPSTART KIT NOW. ONLY $99.00. ($1495.00 value)